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June 2016

It's nice to report something completely different.

As of this year, I became one of the executive producers on a film called VERMIJO.

A storm is brewing in the town of Vermijo. Frank Tyler's plan was simple. He was going to dispense good, old-fashioned justice - one bullet at a time.

The screenplay was written by my old buddy Dave Whitehead aka Ben Bridges and it was directed by Paul Vernon. The film was shot on location in Arizona and hopefully will be picked up for US Cable TV

Also, I am writing the novelization. Which is something very new for me and is exciting to do ... to be able to put flesh onto screen characters and make them my own.

Below are some images from the film. it is in post production at the moment for a release later in 2016. More news when I know.

Check out the film's website HERE


vermijo 2 vermijo 3 vermijo 4

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