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Mike Stotter



What the Critics Say....

"Keep writing those Westerns." Elmore Leonard, author of 3:10 to Yuma

All Guns Blazing by Doug Thorne

McKinney's Revenge is a very striking and individual first novel, whose central characters offer the definite promise of further development .... Stotter shows considerable skill and storytelling ability and has developed a definite voice of his own
... Jeff Sadler, Twentieth Century Western Writers

5 STAR Amazon reviews for DEATH IN THE CANYON

"Just finished this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Its my first western in many years and I found this book very easy going and a really good read. Makes a nice change from war and thriller novels."

Wonderful.Unhelpful review I know but seriously, a wonderful piece of work.This genre has been written and written and it's really refreshing to find an author who really knows his stuff. A very touching story about where his pen name came from too. Enjoy!"

"This is the 2nd Mike Stotter book I have read and enjoyed both. I really enjoyed the story line to this book as it deviated from the usual themes." J C Henderson (Australia)

"This tale had a sound plot with great characters and action aplenty. Follow Wes Calhoun, the somewhat reluctant part-owner of a ranch as he tries to get to the bottom of why the Leaning B and DR ranches are up against each other. It's a good story and really held my attention. I recommend it." Two Story (California)

"This is just what we need. An old-fashioned Western that re-invigorates the genre. A range war erupts and is the setting for this tense & stormy story. Stotter brings to mind the ghosts of Zane Grey & Louis L'Amour and evokes the Montana landscape deftly. If you love Westerns then definitely check this out." Andy Cannon, Airizona.
"Westerns aren't normally my cup of tea (put a slug of whisky in there, Joe!) but I rate Mike Stotter very highly readable and this one is going to hit the bullseye again. Mike has the language pitch-perfect! Pin a tin star on that man!" Dr J Jakeman (UK)


"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a good western read. Lots of action. Lots of good guys and interesting bad guys. It is an easy read and the plot is interesting. I liked it so much I bought another on with the same character. Have not read it yet but I know it will be a good book. There is enough action to hold your interest and the book does not plod along like some books can. Well worth the time to read it." S. Forester (Savannah Ga)

"I love to read the occasional western and my wife knowing this, gifted me this one and its sequel. This was a great read from start to finish. Plenty of action and a great main character. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series and hope to read much more by Mr. Stotter. Pick this one up today. It's a bargain at only $.99 !" R. Moschgat Jr. (McVeytown, PA)

"This was the 1st Mike Stotter book I have read and enjoyed it so much that I have since purchased more books by the same author. I consider him in the same class as James Reasoner." JC Henderson, (Australia)

"This is a better than average old time Western. It presents a good story, is reasonably well written, has interesting characters and there is plenty of action. I enjoyed reading this book and can't think of a downside for fans of the Western Genre." Les (New Mexico)

"Wonderful story from beginning to the end. I hope to read of more stories of Thad. Could not put it down! " Heath

Reviews for McKINNEY'S LAW

"This was one of best western I have read in a long time. Mike has done his homework. I love his other books also." Poke.

"Great western. Exciting book, well written,good plot and authentic characters. Am looking forward to the next books in this series." Bill

"This is a good vivid read -- the pace is fast, the characters are all well-defined, and the action is well handled. Set somewhere around 1868/1870, the historical details seem correct as does the backdrop of the rugged Texas country which is strikingly evoked. The book deals with ex-ranch hand turned lawman, Thadius McKinney and his two friends, Missouri Clay and John Kartell. They become embroiled in a mystery involving the US Cavalry, renegade Comanches and duplicitous town folk. What appealed to me was that it isn't a clear-cut Western; I enjoyed the twists and turns as the characters play out the story. It comes down to how one action sets up a chain of reactions that could spiral out of control unless dealt with head on. And that is what McKinney and company do. The story could as easily be transposed to the modern day and still have worked. McKinney is a tortured soul, still coming to terms with losing his wife. It's the friends he has gathered around him who help him during this emotional time. McKinney has a good personality but I hope Stotter explores John Kartell's back-story in another book. With Elmore Leonard telling Stotter to "Keep writing those Westerns", who am I to disagree? In fact, I'm looking through Stotter's backlist right now. " P.S. Guttridge (England)

"Splendid stuff from a British master of a very American genre. Stotter once again shows he may have been born within the sound of Bow Bells, but has the authority to chronicle the dangerous days of the Old West." Ralph Travis.


"A true classic - someone should make sure that Kevin Coster options this book for his next hit movie. Don't read about the book; read it immediately!" Too True (England)


"Stotter is no Louis Lamour or even a James D. Best, but I still expected more than this book delivered. Main characters had a great deal of potential for good development that never happened. Weak in so many ways. Two stars is probably too much." Deacon Pete (USA)

"Great stuff. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your next book. For 99 cents you get a quick, diverting read." Michael Attebery (USA)