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Death in the Canyon

In Montana, Big Sky Country, the threat of a ranch war over a new breed of cattle hangs over The Leaning B and the DR ranches. Bloodshed was the last thing on everyone's mind but nevertheless blood is spilt. Hired gunman Wes Calhoun soon finds himself elevated to the job of co-owner of The Leaning B, and that's when his real trouble begins. Fists fly and lead kisses the air as the threatened ranch war grows ever closer. Calhoun soon becomes the target of death threats from mystery quarters but the question remains: would he and those around him survive the bloody struggle?

McKinney's Law

Thadius McKinney didn't count on coming across a dead body in the middle of Texas. The renegade Comanche warrior, Black Eagle, was on the loose spreading havoc across the country. He didn't appear in McKinney's plans at all, not until the Comanche forced himself into his life. The US Army gave McKinney some relief to his problems, but it also added to them. And before he knew it, he was about to become involved in an ever-deepening mystery with death and greed at the center of its black heart. Calling on two old friends for help, McKinney sets about bringing justice to the unforgiving Texas landscape -- McKinney's Law.

McKinney's Revenge

When ranch-hand Thadius McKinney finds his newley-wed wife in the arms of his boss, the powerful, land-hungry Aaron Wyatt, something inside him snaps. Two gunblasts later and McKinney is forced to flee into the night, with the beef-baron's thugs hot on his trail, baying for his blood. Things get worse for McKinney until he discovers he is not the only one to loathe Wyatt and all he stands for. A man cannot run forever, and even when his back-trail is littered with bodies, the fighting isn't over. McKinney decides it is time for Wyatt to pay the Devil.

Six Red Herrings by Mike Stotter

Crime has been with us ever since the dawn of time. This unputdownable new anthology presents six stories of murder, mystery and intrigue. Stories taken from historical Jacobean London to the mean streets of the East End, a boy lost in the jungle to a girl lost in the world of night clubbing and drugs, a very English murder in the library to a dystopian view of the future. Six Red Herrings is a fast paced anthology that will have you entertained every step of the way.

Six Trails West

Corralled together for the first time comes an exciting collection of stories that captures the imagination of the American Old West.
Ride the Big Muddy with explorers Lewis and Clark (Great Medicine), stand shoulder to shoulder with Big Foot Wallace when a Texas Ranger recounts his version of the Meir Expedition (A Ranger's Acquaintance). The gold mines of California can bring out the worst in people and women are no different in a quite tale of Irish immigrants ('Til Death). A cattle baron abuses his political power for his own needs with some unexpected consquences (Portrait of a Cattle King). Outlaws aren't always as they seem as one young man is forced on the owl hoot trail (The Making of Jared Dodds) and through an act of kindness another follows a different path (One More River). Iconic themes of the Old West are given a new lease of life and you'll be exhausted at the end of your ride.

tombstone showdown

It starts with bloodshed -- a stagecoach hold-up that ends in death. Gambler Jim Brandon finds himself on the wrong end of the law in Tombstone, Arizona but is an innocent bystander when a beautiful Mexican Senora is kidnapped by a ruthless gang of owlhoots. Left for dead by the outlaws, Brandon is nursed back to health and finds an ally in the Reverend Joshua Slate, a gun-toting man of God. Before the day is out Tombstone will reverberate with gunfire and more blood will spill across the Arizona earth. Cards and Bible give way to the law of the Winchester and Colt as Brandon and Slate enters into an adventure that will change their lives forever. TOMBSTONE SHOWDOWN is the first book in the series featuring Reverend Joshua Slate and gambler Jim Brandon. TUCSON JUSTICE is the follow-up.

Tucson Justice

TUCSON JUSTICE is the second book in the series featuring Reverend Joshua Slate and gambler Jim Brandon. The serenity of the township of Flower Creek is blasted apart by gunfire. Inside a minute two men lay dead and a third left mortally wounded. Slate offers his services only to have himself and his partner drawn into a web of double-dealing. Before their stay in Tucson, Arizona is over, the gun-toting preacher and the gambler will find themselves caught in the deadly crossfire between the Settlers' League and the all-powerful Southern Pacific Rail Road as they come head to head in bloody conflict.