Mike Stotter


The World of the North American Indians

The World of the North American Indians by Mike Stotter
world of north american indians

The Passport to the Past series looks at ancient cultures including Egypt, India, and Rome.

Filled with colorful photographs of numerous artifacts from many North American peoples throughout history, this intriguing guide to the first Americans provides a great foundation for learning about the brave, bold, beautiful, and breathtaking world of American Indians throughout history. Readers are introduced to tribal society, dress, ornamentation, home and family life, travel, farming, hunting, languages and storytelling, various myths and legends, contact with Europeans, trade, warfare, beliefs and customs and sacred dances. This stunning book also includes a chapter about North American Indians today. There are fifteen activities to engage students in learning about the American Indian cultures, such as making a tipi, canoe, headdress,necklace, katchina doll, shield, and corn cakes, among others.

  • 15 step-by-step projects enable you to recreate the past
  • Fact boxes provide extra insights and highlight links with the present
  • Packed with over 200 colour photographs
  • Illustrations include historical maps, cross-sections and pictorial timeline
  • Ideal for home or school use for 8 - 12 year-olds

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    From Booklist
    The Passport to the Past series looks at ancient cultures including Egypt, India, and Rome. This title has a slightly more difficult task as it is a roundup of Native Americans, a term encompassing many different cultures and traditions. The crowded format is organized by topics such as hunting, ornament and decoration, warriors and warfare, food and farming, sacred dances, and death and dying. Several paragraphs of text give an overview, while captions under numerous photographs and historical engravings explain a bit about how various tribes engaged in the illustrated activities. The bottom third of some two-page spreads are devoted to various crafts, including ankle bells and headdresses. These crafts seem difficult, and the space might have been better devoted to further examples of tribes. Although this is a scattershot presentation, there are some very interesting tidbits here for those willing to find them. Grades 4-7. --Ilene Cooper

    Series Review: Passport to the Past
    "Readers are immersed in ancient cultures through kaleidoscopic viewings of relevant peoples, buildings, religions, clothes, languages, and means of sustenance. Spreads cover a subtopic each and generally contain a couple of paragraphs in addition to numerous bright, captioned photographs and reproductions, and, on the bottom, timelines and crafts. The images are set against just the right amount of white space, helping to make this series attractive and youth friendly..."
    Jennifer Prince, Fairview Public Library, NC, School Library Journal