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The Weird & Wacky History Book Box

The Weird & Wacky History Book Box </br>contributors: Michael Stotter, Philip Steele, Barbara Taylor, Fiona MacDonald, Peter Harrison & Paul Dowswell
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Find out what is fact or fantasy in these 8 amazing books. Explore the amazing worlds of fact and fantasy in this collection of eight exciting books. Learn through step-by-step hands-on projects that make history and mythology come alive: make a shaman's mask, prepare a recipe to keep vampires at bay, learn to write your name in runes, build a model castle and make your own tipi.

This title features more than 1600 fabulous colour photographs, illustrations and inside-view artworks. This is a stimulating reference book collection, ideal for 8- to 12-year olds to use at home and school. From exploring the forgotten world of the Vikings, to discovering the weird and wonderful mythological creatures that have inspired monster stories, this series of books explores the subjects that all kids find fascinating, and puts them into historical context.

Journey into the afterlife by exploring the tombs of warrior kings and mummies of beautiful princesses, and read about how ordinary people were once put to death for being called a witch. Read about the pioneers who set out for a new life in the Wild West of America, and explore the cultures of the Sioux, Blackfoot and other Native American tribes they encountered along the way. Each book contains hands-on step-by-step projects to make history come alive.

Easy-to-follow photographs show you how to dress like a medieval lady, cook a cowboy meal, make Native American jewellery or create your own Egyptian tomb paintings...and much, much more. Beautifully designed with over 1600 fabulous colour photographs, illustrations and artworks, this is a spectacular journey through time and an ideal companion for home or school-based learning.

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" My kids (ages 9 and 11) have these books under their pillows, and have ranked them all by how excited they are to read them... they are only allowed to have one at a time, to keep everything fair. So far they have thoroughly enjoyed what they have read, and are looking forward to working on some of the projects.
Courtney E. Grabowski