Mike Stotter


Tombstone Showdown

Kidnapping was a step up from robbery for the Le Duc Riders - and risky too. But when they seize the stage bound for Tombstone and take their prize, they bite off a bit more than they could chew.

Gambler Jim Brandon wasn't haven't a lucky day either. Having fallen foul of Sheriff John Behan when, in self-defense, he killed a Chineseman. With not enough evidence to hold him, Behan gave him the ultimatum - to get out of town. He has no option but to comply and soon finds himself on the same stagecoach captured by the Riders. The outlaw's prize is a beautiful Mexican senora and they were expecting a handsome sum for her return. What they didn't bargain for was Jim Brandon teaming up with the Reverend Joshua Slate. Two seemingly opposite characters are thrown together to rescue the lady with the help of a young, lovesick outlaw.

Cards and Bible gives way to the law of the Winchester and Colt. Before the day is out, Tombstone reverberates with gunfire and more blood is spilt as Brandon and Slate are unable to walk away from the challenge.

Tombstone ShowdownTombstone Showdown Tombstone Showdown Tombstone Showdown
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Raleigh Durr - Four Stars Amazon
"great story line, would like to read more with the same characters. Brandon and Slate make a great team. very real!"

Thomas Tilley - 5 Stars Amazon
"This book had a lot of history in it and I always like historical fiction that gives you the true events with characters and incidents added to make it more interesting. "

" Larry E Smith - 5 Stars Amazon
"This was well written and took several twist and turns but in all was a good read. Have read several of this author's works and all have been good ."

Brayden - 4 Stars Amazon
"This western is about a newborn preacher and a gambler who save lives of two women who are on a mission to deliver a large diamond and are kidnapped. The book is a good read."