Mike Stotter


Step Into the World of the North American Indians

Step Into the World of the North American Indians by Mike Stotter

Step back in time to North America when Sioux, Blackfoot and other nomadic tribes roamed the Great Plains. Discover how they set up camps in tipis and hunted for bison.

Explore the customs and colourful ceremonies of the many different tribes - their sacred dances, mythical kachina dolls and ornate clothes.

A variety of practical projects draws you into the native American lifestyle. You can make your own tipi or canoe, design a war shield and learn how to create the pictures used to record warrior life.

  • 15 step-by-step projects enable you to recreate the past
  • Fact boxes provide extra insights and highlight links with the present
  • Packed with over 200 colour photographs
  • Illustrations include historical maps, cross-sections and pictorial timeline
  • Ideal for home or school use for 8 - 12 year-olds

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    "We used this book as a resource when we studied native Americans and US history. It was a helpful resource. It is a general overview of lifestyles and beliefs most tribes have in common. It has nice pictures, opportunity for crafts and a brief description of some Indian leaders. " on Amazon.com