Mike Stotter


How Ancient Americans Lived
North American Tribes and Native Peoples of the Frozen North
with Jen Green

How Ancient Americans Lived by Mike Stotter and Jen Green
How Ancient Americans Lived

Children's non-fiction book aimed at the 8-12 age group.

Previously published in two separate volumes as 'Step into the world of North American Indians' and 'Step into the Arctic world'.

This fabulous illustrated history of ancient North America and the Arctic Circles tells of a time when bison roamed the Great Plains and humans survived in the frozen north by hunting seas and reindeer.

Find out about the customs and colourful lives of the Sioux, Blackfoot and other nomadic tribes. Examine their ornate clothing and make a Plains warrior headdress or a Saami hat in one of 30 step-by-step projects.

Discover how they built settlements and erected camps - and create a tipi and an igloo of your own.

Over 700 full-colour photographs, plans, maps and illustrations allow young historians to explore old America for themselves.

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"I think this is an excellent book, well written and targeted towards many age levels. My three school-aged children are all enjoying reading it and they especially love the craft ideas included with each topic. The illustrations are beautiful and really capture your attention." M. Lienau on Amazon.com

" Great snapshot look at both the Native Americans and the Arctic Peoples that are the "natives" of North America. The first half of the book is devoted to the Native Americans and the second half to the "Arctic Peoples." Each page spread contains a different topic: Nomadic Life, Dress and Identity, Travel and Transportation, Home Life, Tribal Society, etc. Timeline information and craft ideas run along the bottom of the pages. Not every page has a craft or timeline, but there are plenty of crafts for even the most craftiest of parents/teachers. The pictures are beautiful, the quality of the paper is great, and I can see us using this book as our spine for our Native American homeschool studies this year." Christine McVearry on Amazon.com