Mike Stotter


Death in the Canyon

In Montana, Big Sky Country, the threat of a ranch war over a new breed of cattle hangs over The Leaning B and the DR ranches. Bloodshed was the last thing on everyone's mind but nevertheless blood is spilt. Hired gunman Will Calhoun soon finds himself elevated to the job of co-owner of The Leaning B, and that's when his real trouble begins.

Fists fly and lead kisses the air as the threatened ranch war grows ever closer. Calhoun soon becomes the target of death threats from mystery quarters but the question remains: would he and those around him survive the bloody struggle?


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Shirley M. Clay - 5 Star Amazon Review
This is a great story. Lots of "UNEXPECTED" happens & it keeps you guessing. Lots of action & good reading. I was shocked with the ending I never saw that coming. The only complaint is some of the spelling of the words or words kind of mixed up in a sentence so some of it I had to re read to make sense out of it but was still a good story I just hate to see so many of the main characters die.

" Ray Bellotti - 5 Star Amazon Review
There's the ranch boss who's not up to the job. Then there's the partner in the ranch (wiley female), the banker who may be in cahoots with the bad guy neighbor or the sheriff who may or not be a friend. Where do they come from? Who are they? Plot devices just seem to jump in from nowhere when needed. Characters need development. Plot needs to be evened out. Scenes need development. Good description of the cowboy life. A predictable plot, right down to the circus that suddenly comes to town to set up the showdown. Characters are standard familiars right down to the love interest Doctor. Follows along but keeps your interest Tired plot devices used to tie plot together

Linda "fussy customer" 5 Star Amazon Review
Good read with twist and turns. Characters in book you could like and feel bad when they are killed off. Really enjoyed this story.