Mike Stotter


Six Trails West

Corralled together for the first time comes an exciting collection of stories that captures the imagination of the American Old West. Ride the Big Muddy with explorers Lewis and Clark (Great Medicine), stand shoulder to shoulder with Big Foot Wallace when a Texas Ranger recounts his version of the Meir Expedition (A Ranger's Acquaintance). The gold mines of California can bring out the worst in people and women are no different in a quite tale of Irish immigrants ('Til Death). A cattle baron abuses his political power for his own needs with some unexpected consequences (Portrait of a Cattle King). Outlaws aren't always as they seem as one young man is forced on the owl hoot trail (The Making of Jared Dodds) and through an act of kindness another follows a different path (One More River). Iconic themes of the Old West are given a new lease of life and you'll be exhausted at the end of your ride.

six trails west six trails west

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Davey R- 5 Star Amazon Review
Five stars for this well written collection of short stories, and excellent value for money! Will look forward to reading more books by this author.

Lelly- 5 Star Amazon Review
A really great, well paced collection of stories that uses well developed characters and plot lines. The author has the rare ability to capture the feeling of the wild west so well, I can almost smell the campfire.

Cathy - 4 Star Amazon Review
very amusing at times well worth a read if you like western tales. well worth the price of the book.