Mike Stotter


Six Red Herrings

Crime has been with us ever since the dawn of time. This unputdownable new anthology presents six stories of murder, mystery and intrigue. Stories taken from historical Jacobean London to the mean streets of the East End, a boy lost in the jungle to a girl lost in the world of night clubbing and drugs, a very English murder in the library to a dystopian view of the future. Six Red Herrings is a fast paced anthology that will have you entertained every step of the way.

Stories included are:
  • Two Sides
  • Kiss the Razor's Edge
  • Bubastis
  • Wrap Me
  • Jungle Viper
  • In Memorium
  • six red herrings

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    S. Pearson - 4 Star Amazon Review
    Enjoyable stories to spend a few hours with. Not as scary or gory as I usually like, but it was nice to read work that's less dark.

    Mike Jecks- 5 Star Amazon Review
    Mike Stotter has been the editor of SHOTS EZINE for many years now, and he's know by all the crime writers in the UK and America for his enthusiasm for the genre. As a writer, he's a talented exponent of Westerns as well as crime.
    Here Mike has an anthology six stories of "murder, mystery and intrigue". They range from Jacobean London to the no less pleasant roughness of East End London, and on to a dystopian future. I've always loved short stories, and these gave me a hugely entertaining few hours. Highly recommended - especially at this price!

    Peter Guttridge comments:
    Crime-writers get pigeon-holed. But this collection of short stories defy categorisation. Each one is set in a different milieu and - often - a different age. Six Red Herrings is aptly titled - don't look away or you'll miss the twists. Great stuff.